Week No. 15: Classmate Conversation


This week, I was not able to make it to class. It was my first time not being in class this entire semester. I could have done a classmate conversation with my friend from dance, but I decided not and just write about classmate conversations. Throughout the semester, I found some really interesting people to talk to. They seemed nice and geniune when the conversation would start. Then there were other people who were more shy, and because of that the conversation would go nowhere. Other people would be rude when you would approach them asking to speak because they have had their classmate conversation already. I feel as if some people really hate talking to strangers and getting to know them. Some of the people that I talked to in this class, whenever we see each other we say and have a short talk. Others, I pass by and smile and wave and I get no response back. It is interesting to see how people act…

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