Week No.15: Art Activity


Design thinking Applied to Life

As of right now, my plan is to finish my BFA in Dance next Spring semester and graduate from college. During the time that I am finishing my degree, I plan on auditioning to some dance companies that specialize in contemporary ballet. I also plan on continuing to audition after I graduate to have a professional performance career. After some years of dancing professionally, which I hope it might be in a small company in Europe, I plan on going back to grad school for either dance or psychology. I want to be a dance therapist in my older years of my career. I am very interested in this field because it involves helping others through dance and body language. Instead of using heavy medications, and therapy sessions with a therapist that does not even work efficiently sometimes, dance therapy will aid.

If what I am planning on pursuing as a career, dance, would disappear tomorrow, I would probably become a full time pilates instructor since I have already obtained my certification for it. I would work in as many studios as I can to build up my cliental and from there see where teaching pilates would take me. I would probably be interested in working in the LA area, only because it is popular there and there is a lot of money people are willing to spend for their well being in LA. If not, maybe I would take pilates to South America where my family lives, like Argentina and Uruguay, because it is not as popular over there as it is in Southern California.

If I were financially secure I would probably choose to be a dancer and a pilates instructor. The thing with me is that I am pursuing a career in what I love to do. Not like many other students that choose a career because their parents told them to or it is the career that will guarantee the most income. Honestly, I believe that there is nothing better in life than doing what one is passionate about. I have been passionate about dance since the age of three, and I came to that conclusion on my own, without the influence of anyone. Dance is my vocation, so regardless if I am financially stable or not, it is what I choose as a career. If I did have the money though, my ultimate goal in life is to start a non-profit foundation where I can teach under privilege children who have problems at home, mental illness, physical disabilities, or anything that is impairing them from being who they really want to be, dance as an escape from reality.

I am thankful enough to be going in the right direction for everything that I want to do in life. It is a matter of just auditioning and hoping that I will get accepted, if not then the process continues. Also, since a young age I have been surrounded by professionals in the dance field, who are constantly mentoring me so  that I can succeed. With pilates, I was blessed to be able to train with one of the most elite in the field, who also can get me any job at any time in any place. Every day, I am practicing to become a better artist and pilates instructor. My major requires me to physically do the art everyday for a grade. On top of that, I do cross training with pilates to aid my strength and prevent injuries. I also TA a pilates class, where I get to practice teaching it to others.

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