Week No. 14: Art Activity


It was such a lovely day on the Wednesday that we met up at the Japanese Garden. Being in a different and calm environment with the sun beaming down on me, made me happy. Apart from enjoying my time in the garden, I actually had to do the art activity which seemed a little stressful at first. Drawing is something that I like to do but only when I am feeling it. I am not good at it at all, and much less when my drawings have to be timed. The outcomes of most of the drawings were hysterical because of how far away they were from my initial intention. The outcome allowed me though to interpret my piece of work in a different way. It was more abstract which I appreciated because I prefer that type of art. Also on the ones that were really bad, I would just laugh. Not being able to look down at the paper, lift the pencil off, or even erase made the experience more authentic.

Focusing on the image that we had to draw rather than our drawing made me concentrate more on my surroundings. At a certain point, I felt as if I was in a meditation because I was so focused on the what I was looking at. It was honestly a great experience.

The two drawings that I am choosing to share are the abstract image and the ten 30 second sketches.

For the abstract image, I chose to take inspiration from the pants and pebbles that were right in front of the bench that I was sitting on.FullSizeRender 12

For the ten 30 second sketches, I decided to draw the entire garden but in different sections. I divided the garden into ten rough sections and from there time myself and draw what I saw for those 30 short seconds. The outcome was not too bad.

FullSizeRender 13

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