Week No. 13: Artist Conversation


Exhibit Information

  • Artist: Laura Lopez
  • Exhibition: Selvatica 
  • Media: Paint
  • Gallery: Werby Art Gallery

About the Artist

Laura Lopez is in her last semester at Cal State Long Beach and will be receiving an MFA in painting from the School of the Arts.  She recieved her undergraduate degree in Colombia where she was born and grew up. She also lived in Mexico for some time. Her main maedium is paint and she is inspired by her cukture and the jungle in her work. Lopez also practices other art forms, including dance.

Formal Analysis

López’s work displayed in her exhibit Selvática was an extremely colorful interpretation of jungle scenes. Each picture had its own color scheme and depicted various animals and plants that thrive in the jungles of South America where López grew up. All of the pieces presented were very balanced in terms of spacing, and used various lines to direct the viewer’s eye.

FullSizeRender 8

Content Analysis

Selvatica in Spanish means pertaining to or acting wild. Lopes admires the way nature builds and creates different life forms that are interconnected. This gave her the inspiration for the directionality of her work. She admires the intelligence of nature and it nonstop creates organic patterns in life. The jungle gives a sense of home because of the places where she comes from.

My Experience

Overall, I really enjoyed the vibrant colors of Lopez’s work. It caught my attention when she compared the jungle and its growth to movement in space throughout time. I automatically thought of dance when I heard that and from there I began to look at her work from a different perspective. FullSizeRender 7

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