Week No. 11: Artist Conversation- Soroush Moghum

Exhibit Information

  • Artist: Soroush Moghum
  • Exhibition: Geometry of Grief
  • Media: plexiglass, projection, urethane casting resin, bronze, sound stracks
  • Gallery: Gatov Gallery East
  • Instagram: @soroushmoghim

About the Artist

Soroush Moghum is a senior at California State University, Long Beach in the School of Arts Department. He is planning on graduating with a BFA in Sculpture and 4D. After graduating, Mogum is considering pursuing his career further into a MFA program. He would also be interested in exhibiting his work in local museums and galleries. Moghum is originally from Iran and has been living in the states since the age of ten. He also commented on how he would like to bring his artwork to an international level. Presenting his work in Iran would be something of interest for Moghum as well. His artwork is inspired by the sublime that is within the norm. He is all about embracing imperfections in his artwork to create something that is authentic.

Formal Analysis

The three pieces in the exhibit were all made of different medias. The first one, Untitled was an embroidery that was in between two plexi glasses. This piece displayed a young woman playing a violin. The second piece called Behind Closed Eyes was composed of two parts made of bronze. One was a bust of a real-life man, while above, hanging was a type of sphere that was symbolic for the weight the individual carried. Finally, Geometry of Grief was a piece that like the others utilized projection, but this one the projection was an essential part of the project rather than a compliment.

Context Analysis

Moghum’s artwork is inspired by nature and the beauty of the simplicity within. That can be clearly seen in his artwork because of the projection color scheme he chose to use as well as music. His Iranian culture such as architecture and religion also plays a role in his artwork when it comes to inspirations. He looks for patterns in his work that evoke of sense of transcendence, which is true in this exhibit because everything is represented in a positive attitude.

My Experience

I was very drawn to the piece of the violin called Geometry of Grief. The way the light hit the crystal like sculpture created this lovely illusion of something transparent being so colorful due to the way the projection hit the violin. It was so calming to look at. I was mesmerized by the intricate carving of the violin. I felt a great amount of peace when looking at it, almost like a meditation.

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