Week No. 10: Artist Conversation


  • Artist: Clare Samani
  • Exhibition: dressed
  • Media: Print Making and Fabric
  • Gallery: Merlino Gallery
  • Instagram: @clares_printing

About the Artist

Clare Samani is in her last semester at California State University, Long Beach. She is getting her BFA in Print Making and is going off into grad school afterwards. She moving to the southern part of the country to pursue her career and print making and exploration in different art forms as well. In her exhibit, dressed, Samani explores identity of the self in comparison to society’s idea of the self through fashion. Her works is based around the idea of communication and gender in fashion.

Formal Analysis

Samani uses articles of clothing that were given to her, found, or bought in order to inspire her work for this exhibit. She creates object-based portraits that utilizes fabrics. She emphasizes the idea of the fabric being an artifact that holds stories of people who wore, made, or sold the design as well as a tool that leads to imagining. Together, Samani’s artworks serve as an index of different styles that people use to express themselves through.


Content Analysis

In the exhibit, dressed, she presents the concept of fashion being a universal language. It is a common form of expression that has been part of one’s identity since the beginning of clothing even if it was unknown at the time. It is a necessity. Fashion through clothing is a way that people identify themselves through within society. It demonstrates gender, one’s vision of oneself, etc.

FullSizeRender 2

My Experience

Walking into the gallery, my attention was drawn right away to the paintings on the walls because they were dresses. After reading what the exhibit was about and how it used the printed images of dresses to explore identity in relationship with people and clothing, I was even more intrigued. To me, fashion is super important. It has always been one of my passions. What I choose to wear, is an expression of my inner self that I want others to see. With that being said, I never “dress to impress”, in fact I could care less about what people think about my clothes and how I arrange my outfits. It is an artistic choice an sometimes a lot of though goes into an outfit but other times it comes naturally. I try to portray my aesthetic and creativity through what I choose to wear. And yes, I do believe that I identify myself through my closet and others do as well.

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