Week No.10 Activity: Architecture and Urban Planning


So the wedge is obviously an annoying problem that us students have caused because we are trying to save a couple of seconds when walking to class but actually end up stalling, and waiting for the “one way” traffic flow to switch directions. The trip from lower campus to upper campus would be much more simple if this wedge was positioned or designed differently.

On the angle of the USU heading towards Brotman Hall, I would first remove the bench type looking block of cement that is nearest to the wedge. Why? Because I want to say that the majority of time, no one is actually sitting on that bench. The one across from it, I would shift forward a couple of inches towards the road so that I could utilize more space. The marble design has frame-like inserts which I would expand on. I would make the frame all the way to the ground and maybe a little taller. Then I would create a door frame instead by removing the marble from the other side. That way there would be three different paths to walk through when coming to the wedge. You would still be saving those couple of seconds because you would not need to walk all the way around the structure in order to head to the USU.

Overall, I think that students in the future would find this new and improved design normal because they probably never had to experience the wedge. And if so, they will be grateful that now there are multiple wedges to choose from when traveling through the midpoint of campus. I think there will still be discussions about traffic flow though because one person can be going through one way and the other person might have to stop and wait for them to pass because they both cannot fit through the frame at the same time.FullSizeRender 3.jpg

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