Week No.9: Artist Conversation

Exhibition Information

About the Artist

May Roded is in her last semester  here at Cal State Long Beach. She is working on getting her BFA in Printmaking in the College of the Arts. Roded uses different methods of print making in her work. Some of them include screen printing and relief printing. She also utilizes some photography because that is something that she is passionate about. The exhibit Anamnesis, explores concepts about the structure of memories. She explores the different layers found within a memory, the more vivid ones and the faded parts.

Formal Analysis

May Roded uses print making and layers on top of them different concepts of print making. She might sketch some parts out like the one of the inside of her house, but on top of that she adds screen printing. Also in the portraits she uses photography and on top of the photograph uses screen printing. This is a way that she presents the metaphor of memory being layered in a literal form. She layers different types of printmaking to create the effect of lucid parts of the image as well as blurrinessFullSizeRender 24.jpg.

Content Analysis

May Roded’s exhibit as stated before utilizes the concept of memory that is represented in various ways. After having her family move back to Israel, Roded shared that she found herself thinking about house items that represented home to her. These items though did not belong to the family anymore though because they were sold or given away. The items she depicts in her work all ones that she created memories with at some point while growing up. In the depictions of the chair or sketch of a family room, the different layers of clear memories versus the more faint ones can be seen.


My Experience

When walking into the gallery, it gave me a sense of peace but at the same time a weird undergoing vibe. Before reading about what the exhibit might be about, it was clear to me that it had to do with something from the past and very personal. It is interesting to me how items that we use every day and have little significance to us in the moment, can mean so much later on in life. It is crazy how an image of a piece of furniture, the smell of a flower, or the music of a song that transport you to the exact moment where you first experienced them. It could even be the first time you made a connection with the item and a personal relationship.

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