Week No. 7: Artist Conversation

Exhibit Information

  • Artist: Elena Rozovan
  • Exhibition: Stop & Stare
  • Media: video installation, sculpture
  • Gallery: Gatov East Gallery
  • Instagram: @eroznovan

About the Artist

Elena Rozanovan is a second year graduate student in the School of Arts at Cal State Long Beach. She is working on receiving her MFA in sculpture work. In her art work, she explores the idea of phenomenology. She does this by utilizing a video installation that plays with the perspective of the audience.With this concept, she hopes to break people’s fast paced lifestyles.

FullSizeRender 12

Formal Analysis

The exhibit Stop & Stare uses a projection of a video of the desert on a wall as it’s main source. It is a twelve minute video of the sun rising, which in a way can be seen as a time lapse. In front of the projection, there are a couple of transparent, but colorful rectangular installations hanging from the ceiling and one in the bottom right corner. The exhibit is very frontal and forces the audience to look at it from one angle, the front. It is two dimensional in the present space, but the video was made in a four dimensional aspect. There is also a bench one can sit on to enjoy the small details that complete the piece. This makes the audience be involved in the whole experience of the work.

Content Analysis

Roznovan’s artwork includes sources that create a very calming environment. Watching the sun rise in a desert gives a different sensation than if it had been done in the city. The video did not evolve much because it was meant for it to be a slow pace. Looking through the rectangular shapes that were hanging, gave the piece a change in the color tone which was interesting. It was not clear if that part of the piece was done for viewing purposes or if it was only for the aesthetic.

The concept behind this piece was the idea of time happening in a location outside of its original placement. Also the idea of the quick moving lifestyle almost everyone experiences was something that the artist wanted to touch on in her work. It was fascinating to know that during the time the artist was sitting outside of the exhibit, she was calculating how long each person stayed in the exhibit. Rarely did anyone stay for the full twelve minutes of the video that demonstrates the beautiful sun rise.

IMG_1472 2

My Experience

When I first walked into the exhibit, I just stood and stared at the image in front of me. I then proceeded to take images on the work. It was after I had been inside the exhibit for a couple of minutes that I decided to sit down on the bench and actually enjoy the image. That is when I noticed the clouds moving and realized it was not a still image. I was not aware that it took twelve minutes in the video for the sun to rise, until after I had been in the exhibit. I wish I had actually taken a longer time in the exhibit to visually experience the change in the scene. Because for what I had seen, was just a dessert at dawn and nothing more. This is a perfect example of the meaning behind Roznovan’s piece because it represents how one is always on the go and does not take time to notice or appreciate the small moments.

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