Week No.6 Activity: Zine Making


Prior to this assignment, I had no idea that these small pamphlet, magazine looking things were called zines. I had made so many throughout elementary school, from religious based ones, to promoting a country. I found it very interesting that there was an entire pop up shop on zines in the art gallery. It was amazing to see the different variety of these. There are infinite amounts of ways to make zines and the content within is even more endless.


For my zine, I decided to do one that was only folded almost like a brochure and make it with only words. The concept behind my zine is stereotypes that I usually am associated with when people first see me or meet me. I utilized words that represented the main ideas of what I was going to write about as a background. I wrote these words in large, colorful lettering. Then in a mini paragraph I described the main idea. The brochure included four different sections.

  1. White American Girl
  2. Dumb, Artistic Blonde
  3. Skinny and Anorexic
  4. Bitch Face and Promiscuous

This was a fun way to lay out what people’s interpretations of me are when they first encounter me.


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