Week No.5 Project: Automatic Drawing

For this week’s assignment, the idea of a human spirograph was what was a explored. With a partner, you had to sit on the floor very close to each other and with the paper in-between the two. Then, after choosing  an oil pastel color, the color was set in the middle of the page. I chose to do this assignment with my friend and roommate, Makenna. As soon as we both closed our eyes, we began to move the oil pastel. It was a very therapeutic thing to do. It was nice to follow each other’s rhythms and patterns on the piece of paper. It was also interesting to see when one was taking more of a lead in the drawing and would one would fulling invest to the other person. In a way, this reminded me improvisation in dance. There has been choreographic assignments in which we are with partners and one person is blind folded. The person who is not, is the one who has to lead their body through space while the one blind folded is dancing. It becomes a dance of two at the end. I think that the hand movement and outcome of this assignment was like a dance of two as well.

I was not expecting the outcome of this assignment to be anything other than scribbles on the paper. Sure enough, the drawing consisted of intense, overlapping circles and lines, mostly concentrated on the center of the page. It looks a little like my day to day life, in the sense that I have a million and one things going on inside my head and out in the real world. What I mostly enjoyed from this project though, was the internal feeling it gave me when doing the work. It was almost like a meditation because for those minutes I felt mentally free and my body relaxed.


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  1. Glenn Zucman says:

    great that you connected it to dance, Antonella. It can be a surprisingly powerful and connecting experience! 🙂


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