Week No. 4 Project: Art Care Package

fullsizeoutput_186For this week’s art project, it involved exploring the idea of ephemera which would lead into creating and sending an Art Care Package. What exactly is that you may ask? Well basically it can consist of anything, from scratch pieces of paper to something that has strong sentimental value.

I decided to send my care package to my friend that I have known since the 7th grade. We went to school together since that grade, up until senior year of high school. Her name is Kathryn Menezes; she is twenty years old and is studying in San Diego right now.  When we were both in our sophomore year of high school, we went to France together for a couple of weeks. I must say that those were one of the best weeks of my life because of all the memories we made and everything that we were able to explore, in Paris and in the South of France. Because of this , I decided to give this care package a theme. Basically, I made it into a homage to our trip, as well as a way of telling her how much I miss her and how I wished she could be experiencing college years with me. I am excited to hear her reaction when she receives it.

Putting the art care package together made me very nostalgic. It took me back to certain places we explored on the trip. Also, it reminded me of high school and how much fun I had every day with my friend group at lunch time or on our weekend adventurous we would have with all of us.

I have never done something like this before. I want to say that the closest I have gotten to this concept of an art care package is me keeping little papers from notes, birthday cards, or concert stubs in a box that is stored underneath my bed. I have never thought of sending it to someone. In a way, I think that this is more personal than sending a letter or a text, or even a snapchat. Although the snap may be something random that you encountered throughout your day and so might the gum wrapper that is included in a care package, the snap will disappear within seconds and it is something that is not tangible by either person.

Although, I might be including random stuff in this art care package, to me it has sentimental value. To someone who is not me, or who lives in France might think that the things I kept are trash but to me they are precious. I think ephemera goes hand in hand with art. One person can view it as a waste of time, while to other’s it may bring tears to their eyes. Also I think that the importance of a lot  of what gets sent to a person, whether it is through social media or mail, has to do with the intent of the person. Yes, obviously something more elaborate requires more effort than hitting send with your thumb, but both require a certain thought process. Sending a text or a snap to someone you admire might be as hard (mentally) as going to the post office and finding the right stamps to send a package across the sea. It is all, at the end, left to one’s opinion and interpretation.


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  1. Glenn Zucman says:

    beautiful Antonella! 🙂

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