Week No.3: Meeting Emelina

Today while walking around the art galleries, I met Emelina Virga. Emelina is in her last semester here at Cal State Long Beach. She is double majoring in International Studies and Italian. When she mentioned that she was studying Italian, I recalled her speaking on the first day of class about living abroad. From there we started the conversation of how we both have Italian families. She also said that one of her family members had my name. Emelina had the pleasure of living in Italy for a year, where she was able to connect to her roots and learn more about her heritage. Although her first language is not Italian, she practices it every day to become more fluent. She told me that she did not want to come back to the States after experiencing the beauty of Italy. Fortunately, she is working on her citizenship and is planning on moving there officially in August after graduating.

We also talked a little about the art work being displayed in the galleries. We both agreed that the gallery with La Rosa work as our favorite. Unfortunately, that artist was not there so were not able to meet them. It was a fun to chat up with a classmate and enjoy some art work together.

To see more about Emelina, follow her blog!


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