Week No. 2 Project: Landscape with a Corpse


For this week, the inspiration of the project was based off of the Japanese photographer, Izima Kaoru. He works with the concept of capturing what seems to be the end of someone’s life. The nice part is that after being dead, you are able to walk away from the scene with life. Like Kaoru, I am also scared of the idea of death. Not so much the actual act of dying but having someone that I care for leave this life. It is something that I need to overcome because death is part of nature.

This project made me think of the act of dying in a different perspective. I found the art work of Kaoru and also the photographs that were taken of me, aesthetically pleasing. Something about combining such a morbid idea with glamour, made it beautiful.

This weekend I had planned to go back home. Because of that, I decided to have my pictures taken at this small waterfall/creek called Graffiti Falls in Riverside, California. In order to get there I had to go on a short, colorful hike that included crawling under fences and branches. Since it had rained the day before, the trail was super muddy. Let me just tell you that the hike and getting onto the rocks to take my pictures was not so glamourous. In fact I was disgusted because I hate getting dirty but I knew I was going to be pleased with the outcome.

I went on this adventure with my cousins and they were the ones that took the pictures for me and helped me put on my heels while being on wet rocks. We made this project into a time to enjoy each other’s company. I was also able to enjoy the combination of color and nature around me. It was interesting to see a panorama of plain rocks converted into a beautiful canvas. Also having the sound of water falling in the background, made the process of taking pictures very calming and allowed me to distract myself from being scared of slipping off the rocks. I had such a wonderful time doing this project, from the moment of visualizing the pictures in my head to fulfilling them.

Riverside, California.

Photography by: Vanessa and Valeria Redekosky

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