Week No. 2: Chatting Up with Katherine

After today’s class, I had the pleasure of meeting Katherine Hurley. Katherine is a second year at the university and has been living in California for four years. Her family decided to move over here after living in many states in the East Coast. She has not decided what exactly she wants to major in, and because of that, Katherine has been taking classes from two completely different routes. One is Environmental Science and the other is Film. She mentioned to me that she is leaning more towards film because she is more passionate about that subject. I asked her what aspect of film she was drawn to the most and Katherine said that cinematography was what caught her eye every time she watched a film.

I noticed that we were both interested in the arts and that was a topic which we continued to discuss. Katherine also mentioned that she has been playing the flute since the third grade and it is something that she loves to do. Ever since she started college, she has not have had the chance to perform and play, which is something that she misses. We talked about different places where she could have the possibility of playing for an orchestra. We both concluded that the beauty of what we love to do, mine being dance and hers flute playing, is that both are art forms that happen in the moment and that moment only. What is experienced when doing or watching can never be relived and that is amazing.

Check out her blog below! Who knows, you might be looking at a future Oscar winner.


Long Beach, California. 

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