Week No. 1 Project: Sand, hands, and tans

fullsizerender-6After a month of rain, today was a beautiful, spring like day. And what better thing to do on a day like this than to go to the beach for an art project and be able to enjoy nature and art all at once…with a side of ice tea too!

For this art project, we had to use the sand to make a mold of something. I chose to do my hand because I thought that would be the easiest thing to make. Well, I was wrong. I had to mix plaster with water in a bucket and quickly poor it into my mold. I think my biggest mistake was that I did not add enough water to the plaster, resulting in my mix to harden before I was done pouring.

After I poured the mix into the mold, I let it sit for a while for it to harden. While I waited, I went down to the shore with my friends to play around and take some pictures of this lovely winter day. When I pulled the finished product out of the sand, I quickly realized that the last thing the blob of plaster looked like was my hand. My friend said to me, “Oh, that kind of looks like a hand”, followed by my reply of “you think?!”. The saddest part of this was that I tried twice and both outcomes were unsuccessful.

Actually, I decided to make the more squared shape blob into something else. Like all art, it can be interpreted and transformed. My blob came out with a platform ,where it is able to stand on its own. So now I can use it as a cell phone stand, or a picture holder, or business card holder. Much more useful than a plastered hand.

Seal Beach, California

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